Online Course | How to modify WordPress theme (Thai)

This online course discusses how to modify WordPress Theme by using WordPress Child Theme. The content is explained by creating a child theme, default files, functions involving theme feature, custom post type, menus, widgets, shortcode, image, javascript, and stylesheets. This course also discusses WooCommerce customization, hook in WooCommerce, and other WooCommerce functions. We'll also talk about useful plugins such as Advance Custom Fields and Code Snippets. Finally, we provide special content for this course which is how to add WooCmmerce product custom fields in product data and variation tab.


  • Learn how to edit the WordPress Theme and WooCommerce systematically.
  • Get the knowledge of the structure of the WordPress theme.
  • Have the knowledge to write more code.
  • Know tools to help edit the WordPress theme.

Who should study this course?

  • Those who are interested in learning how to modify the WordPress Theme.
  • Those who have knowledge about WordPress and WooCommerce basics.
  • Website Developers
  • Students who want to learn how to write code.

What do students need to know?

  • Must have basic knowledge of WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • Must have basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, and jQuery.
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