Online Course | How to create a WordPress Theme (Thai)

This online course discusses how to create a WordPress Theme from the ground. It describes the content starting from theme handbook, site structure, the basic layout files, menus,  page & page template, and Subpage. The components of the single page are meta data, featured Image, excerpt, and archive. In addition to this course will talk about search and search form, get template part function, post format, sidebar, custom homepage, WP query technique, author page, comments, navigation, 404 Page. Educate WordPress modifying tools, such as Custom Fields, meta boxes, and theme customizer. Create own widgets and management systems such as settings API, option page, custom post type, shortcode API, TinyMCE custom buttons, TGM plugins, translation and data validation. Next, this course will introduce you theme unit test and theme check plug-in to examine your code. Finally, this course will suggest how to send our theme to and


  • Get knowledge about developing a WordPress theme.
  • Get more knowledge to write more code.
  • Get own WordPress theme at least 1 theme.


  • Anyone who are interested in learning how to write WordPress Theme.
  • Anyone who want to edit their own theme code.
  • Anyone who is interested in creating WordPress theme for sale
  • The students who want to learn the web code.
  • Must have basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, CSS, and jQuery.
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What is Theme meaning?

How to create Menu

How to create Pages

How to create Posts


Get Template Part Function

Post Format

How to create Sidebar

Custom Homepage

WP Query



Custom Fields and Metaboxes

404 Page


Theme Customizer

Setting API and Option Page

Custom Post Type and Shortcode API


TGM Plugin Activation

Translation and Data Validation

Make a free theme on and paid theme on

Theme Check and Unit Test

Conclusion and Contact Us